What Our Clients Say

“Thanks a lot Nadine. I must say you did an excellent job, from continually phoning me after I kept postponing and postponing until your patience paid off. I am really pleased and will certainly recommend you to anyone who cares to listen.

I must add: I was also thoroughly impressed with the fact that every time I told you to diarise to call me on a certain day, you did exactly that, many Sales people don’t do that so really, well done! Ooh and the follow up…..Show this to your Manager because chances are from now on I’ll only fit windscreens with you guys and no one else!!!”

- Attorney

“I would like to bring to your attention the exceptional service received from your sales rep.

I received exceptional service from your company by assisting to replace my damaged windscreen

I am delighted with the level of professionalism with regards to follow up and after sales service that was provided, this really uplifts the image of your organisation when employees are dedicated and helpful.

The sales rep assisted in contacting my insurance company to obtain authorisation for the replacement, despite the numerous hiccups encountered with the insurance company, he timeously followed up and provided feedback at each step of the process. I have never actually received such good service and certainly did not expect my windscreen to be replaced after a day.

In addition to this the guys who replaced my windscreen were very efficient and punctual arriving a few minutes before I expected them.

I am delighted at the service received from your company and have already started forwarding your details onto my friends, family and work colleagues.”

- Assistant Sourcing Manager at a Major Clothing Retailer